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There is still a lot of speculation around how this technology will actually manifest within the market but there is a good guess that is currently circulating. Just like all other advertising around today, there would not be a lot of advertising that is not geared toward the person or the situation. You will find that a lot of the advertising is actually catered to you as the driver as well as what may be happening with your car. For example, if you are driving and you are close to running out of gas, then you may see an advertisement pop up on the windshield for a nearby gas station or offers from a gas station in the area. Another example would be if your “Maintenance Required” light came on while you were driving. You would likely see advertisements pop up that are from a local repair or maintenance shop in the area.

The buying patterns would be understood by the technology in the windshield and the car and it may even be able to identify who is driving to cater those advertisements directly to them. There is some rumors of a technology that will allow drivers to pay for food while they are in their car from the windshield advertisement before they even reach their destination. To provide extra security, they may be looking at facial recognition software to ensure that the driver who is making the order is also the one that is authorized to pay with that card. This kind of technology is already in the works and may be integrated into the smart windshield technology to help to better identify who is actually driving the vehicle. They can then work on proving more targeted advertisements to the driver that will be more impactful since there is an understanding of their specific buying patterns.

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